1.       Safe Neighborhoods. Keep Lakewood’s neighborhoods safe and secure by providing opportunities for neighbors, police, and businesses to work together for the betterment of our city.  Encouraging National Night Out and HOA meetings to create strong involved neighborhoods are two examples of efforts Karen supports.

2.       Jobs. Work to continue our economic growth with new and expanding business opportunities.  This will help create new primary jobs for today and the future.

3.       Parks. Protect and increase our greenbelts, community gardens, and bike paths.  Support an active lifestyle for all ages by updating parks and recreational facilities.

4.       Smart Growth. Lakewood has so many advantages and strengths – great schools, beautiful parks and green belts, lovely neighborhoods.  Growth is a certainty, but we need to create smart growth in Lakewood to preserve and protect green belts, parks, and open space. It can be done,   Karen will work hard to find win-win solutions. 

5.       Support for Older Adults. Help our seniors age in place with the support of various programs, transportation opportunities, and housing options.

6.       Fiscal Responsibility. Continue to advocate for tight fiscal management to ensure the financial health of Lakewood in lean and flush times.

7.       Protect Lakewood’s Assets. Support good stewardship of facilities, property, and our most important asset – Lakewood employees.

8.       Collaborate. Seek opportunities for Lakewood to work with surrounding municipalities in exchange of services.  Jeffcom (multi-jurisdictional communication center), our Crime Lab, and the West Metro training facility are all examples of sharing/exchanging services.