Karen Harrison

Ward 5 City Council Candidate for Re-election

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Re-elect Karen Harrision to Lakewood City Council Ward 5

As former City Council members from Ward 5 we feel strongly that Karen Harrison is the best candidate to serve our beloved Lakewood.  In her first four years Karen has thoroughly researched issues and made common sense decisions.

We have heard a lot of negative comments from her opponent and felt we should reach out to Ward 5 residents and express our disappointment in this type of campaigning – this is not the Lakewood we know.  The Lakewood we know – the Lakewood Karen represents and fights for – loves our community.  The neighbors we know are proud to live here, thankful for our parks and open space, and glad to see improvements in our city.

Why vote for Karen? Because she supports the same values we do.

  • Fiscal responsibility – Karen supports having solid reserves to deal with the unexpected (like losing revenue because of the hail damage at the Mills mall), while investing in ideas that have a good impact on our economy and quality of life (like Belmar)
  • Investing in our city – Karen has supported a number of projects that improve our infrastructure, sidewalks, traffic management, parks, and safety
  • Planning for the future – doing nothing really means going backwards, communities age and become less desirable if steps aren’t taken. Karen has the courage to plan for Lakewood’s future to create jobs, housing, and business opportunities that build a healthy community where people want to live and our kids want to, and can, stay.  

We have worked to move our city forward while preserving the aspects we love. Supporting things like new businesses and bike paths to make our community stronger, while honoring Lakewood signature qualities like horse properties and open space.  We know Karen will continue in this tradition.

Do you love Lakewood?  We think you do.  And if that is the case, please re-elect Karen Harrison to Lakewood City Council.  She is not about single issues, she is not about special interests – her only interest is making sound decisions that improve our quality of life now and in the future.


Your Former Lakewood Ward 5 City Council Members

Tom Quinn (2007-2015)

Diana Wilson (2005-2013)

Mike Stevens (1999-2007)

Carol Kesselman (1997-2005)

Steve Burkholder (1995-1999, Mayor 1999-2007)

Kathy Stapleton (1988-1996)


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